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There Are Three stages of Frog Viability

Chipper Frog: Your business is thriving, staff morale is high. The waters are cool and growth is happening.

Tepid Frog: Status quo has been maintained and while there are occasional setbacks, staff work around them.

Simmering Frog: Productivity is not what it should be, constant workflow struggles. The waters are uncomfortable.

Boiling Frog: Daily setbacks, frustrated staff, missed opportunities. Things are getting increasingly difficult.


Had your company walked into the set of frustrations and issues you currently find yourself in today, you very well may have jumped out. But at one point things were working well enough for growth to happen. Over time things slowly started to break down, the waters got warm, and everyone simply got used to it. These are the four phases of acclimation to degridation in small business technology.

They are:

  1. New Network, New Systems (Cool Waters)
    At some point the computers were new and fast. The server was just installed and the internet speeed was the fastest DSL available. Email flowed easily and all the necessary applications relaibly functioned. Staff felt like they had the right tools to do their job.
  2. No Maintenance But They Have a Millennial (Getting Tepid)
    Lulled into a sense of false security, the network and systems are not maintained allowing them to degrade in performance. When system isses occur staff are referred to the youngest staff member, with the assumption that they would be able to resolve it.
  3. Things Get a Little Out of Hand – Tech Guy (Warmer still)
    The systems, and the network as a whole, have now been neglected so long that they present constant hurdles to the staff, who now feel like they need better tools and support. The Tech Guy they call often takes too long to respond and the fixes never really stick. Morale starts to dip.
  4. Not Much Is Invested and Everything Suffers (Rolling Boil)
    The once new systems are now a collection of boxes held together with band aids and work arounds. The Tech Guy may have installed pirated software in a misguided effort to save money. The staff is constantly frustrated and are very vocal about it.


Download this comprehensive infographic on the essentials of keeping your Frog CHIPPER.


There are three simple steps to getting your Frog out of a bad situation. The first is to identify where you want to be in terms of efficiency, productivity and even profitability. Then have assessed where you currently are in those same areas. Finally make a plan to bridge the gaps of where you are and were you want to be. Finding a partner that can help you create the plans that work best for you is key as well. DataVelocity can be that partner.